Your favourite "This Year in History" source(s)?
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I'd like to download for reference, for every year of my 43 years of life, a page that has a reader-friendly summary of major events in Canada and around the world (new Prime Minister voted in, Arab Spring, etc.), as well as what popular media (books, movies) came out and any scientific advances/daily life game-changers (e.g. iPhone, Facebook introduced).

Wikipedia's is rather granular, being day-by-day, and far more detailed than I'm looking for. Ideally it would be a top ___ list with brief blurbs (and ideally pictures). The best I've found so far is, but it's only manageable until 2014 and is lacking Canadian content.
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The standard Librarian's answer would be Keesing's Record of World Events.
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Alas, it looks like any digital version is only accessible behind a paywall or library subscription. But it appears my local library has a physical copy, so I'll check it out. Thanks aspersioncast!
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