Looking for a discontinued dog toy
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Hi everyone. I am asking for help finding a discontinued dog toy that I bought from Target about a year or so ago. Here is a link of a picture of it. It was blue monster toy, with a somewhat harder interior with a soft, cloth cover. My dog loves this little guy and takes it to bed with him every night, but unfortunately each day it ages a bit more and I don't know how much longer it will last. Thank you for any help you all can offer!
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It's a company called Boots & Barkley based on a Google image search, but I can't find current sellers. I think it's a frog. Maybe your dog would like this guy?
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Here he is in his youth.
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Boots and Barkley is a Target house brand. I don't know what it is about their dog toys, but they come in and out of stock on a random basis for me too.

My doggo loves the B&B ragdoll moose but when I need a new one it's out of stock half of the time.
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You're a good dog mom.

Dogs don't experience the world like humans do -- more through their nose and less through their eyes. Maybe you could put stuff the remnants of the toy into another form and see if it works?
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