Full size duvet cover: actual size???
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What is the normal size of a "full" size duvet cover? I've measured and checked online and either I can't measure, my duvets are weird, or sheets have imaginary nominal sizing I was never aware of.

I happily bought myself a new duvet cover for Christmas, not realizing that the "full/queen" size means really it's a queen size cover; sadly I have full size duvets. I really like the fabric so I am getting it tailored down but I need a double check on my dimensions. I measured my existing duvet and duvet covers and came up that I think the cover needs to be 73"w x 83" long.

However when I look online at bedding, full covers are listed as 84"x90"....wayyyy different.

How big are your full size duvet covers? I'm assuming I should go with my measurements (did them 3x and got within an inch each time) but I'm a bit worried they are so far off from what's listed as the "standard". I don't think I have especially unusual duvets, and I checked the cover sizing from the same companies that made the duvets I own... I just don't understand what's going on with the inconsistency between listed dimensions and reality.

For what it's worth, the too large new cover is listed on the package as 92x96 but actually measures 87x94. Given that, my impulse is to assume some kind of nominal sizing, disregard the listed sizes entirely, and trust my measurements?

(I tried googling "nominal sheet sizes" and got a lot of information about plywood, so I turn to you for a reality check.)
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I'm sorry to say that IME the precise dimensions of a duvet cover vary widely and unpredictably from company to company. For example, IKEA full/queen duvet covers are 86x86. To avoid having to pay extra for tailoring on duvet covers, either stick to the same brand as your original duvet or make your own. If you find sheets you like, making a duvet cover using two queen or king sized sheets to perfectly fit your duvet would be a breeze (assuming you have a sewing machine that you know how to use, or can entice someone to do it for you).
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Remember to leave yourself a little margin! I'm imagining trying to wiggle a duvet into a very-close-fitting cover and it sounds like a giant pain.
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Best answer: If you're getting it tailored professionally, can you not just take one of your duvet covers that fits and let the tailor figure it out?
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Response by poster: thanks to missmagenta for the obvious solution I had not thought of!
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