Seeking comfiest oversized shawl neck cable knit cardigan
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About 20 years ago my dad received a super cozy 100% acrylic cream colored shawl neck cardigan. It would have been from Walmart most likely, or possibly Penney's or Sears. He passed it down to me a few years ago and I love it but it has reached the end of its life cycle, so I'm looking for a replacement. Do you have any suggestions?

It certainly doesn't have to be acrylic, but it does have to be soft and cozy and under $100 or so. I would prefer a cream color. So far this seems to be the closest to what I want: (Amazon link). Are you familiar with anything better around the same price, or anything similar for cheaper? Thank you!
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I googled Mens Cable Knit Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater in shopping, found these and more.
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Searching for "Fisherman's cardigan" will get you the sort of sweater you have pictured. Softness / coziness will depend on the fiber content - you may need to order a few and feel them,
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"Aran cable cardigan" might also help as search term.
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National Geographic's selling one in wool. Glenaran's version.
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Response by poster: Apologies for not being specific enough. I've googled and I'm aware of Aran wool sweaters, but I've found the wool to be itchy and harsh rather than soft and cozy. I guess I'm hoping someone might be personally acquainted with a soft cozy version? Thank you!
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You don't want just nonspecified "wool," which will indeed be itchy; you want something specifically labelled as "merino" or (unlikely in your price range) cashmere. That Glenaran one, for instance.
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If you try using "chenille" in your keyword searching it might turn up the kind of soft cozy fabric you're seeking. This clearance cardigan at Target doesn't have buttons, but it has the shawl collar and is super extra soft and cuddly.
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If you don't need the buttons and can accept a pull-over, this Fair Isle from Orvis looks cozy.
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Century 21 has this all-acrylic shawl collar cardigan, in ecru.
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