Samana Bay whale watching
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We would like to travel to the Dominican Republic in the last two weeks of February, specifically to see the whale activity in Samana Bay. We have a LOT of questions!

We are a married couple in our sixties. We are experienced travelers but have never been to DR. Looking for a warm beachy trip to escape the winter doldrums, we are intrigued by the whale-watching possibilities of Samana Bay. We would probably like to spend about a week there, with maybe two days of whale watching excursions. We like other stuff too, but some minor mobility issues would keep us from hiking miles through the jungle or climbing mountains. We are not on a tight budget, but don’t do the high-end luxury stuff either. We think an all-inclusive might be easiest, and somewhere around Samana would be most convenient. We don’t have a problem renting a car, and would consider a day of scooter riding if it’s available. (We are experienced riders and have rented several times in many diverse vacation areas.) We like to wander a little, and see cool stuff, but would like to not have to worry about crime. We do not speak Spanish. We are familiar with STR’s and like the privacy and convenience, but for this trip we think the convenience of and all-inclusive *might* work better. If we don’t care for the cruise-like atmosphere of weird entertainment, fancy dress-up dinners, etc. BUT, a room with an ocean view is a must for us. As is modern bathrooms and air conditioning. A balance of laying around with a book, whale watching, and maybe some low-key sightseeing would work great.

I’m looking for some guidance in where to stay, what to do, and the generally easiest way to scratch this itch. Any info is appreciated.
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