Looking for cheap quiet meetup place in Philadelphia
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I'm in group that meets to talk with each other, so a quiet venue is essential. In addition, we want cheap, good food. And in center city, Philadelphia. Vegetarian options would be nice.

It's typically 4 to 8 people, so we need a little flexibility about seating-- a restaurant that's all small booths isn't satisfactory.

We meet on Saturday afternoons, but I think Sunday afternoons are a possibility.

You might think there wouldn't be anywhere that meets these stringent specifications, but there are a couple. Xu Ching is quite a decent cheap vegetarian Chinese restaurant, it's just that the menu gets repetitious after eating there every other week for years.

The Good Karma Cafe is generally quiet enough but has been somewhat crowded and noisy lately. It might just be a matter of students coming in for the end of the semester.
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Vegan Tree is usually quiet, plenty of room for people and serves delicious/cheap vegan chinese food. It's one of my favorite spots for a relaxing solo meal.
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You could try the upstairs cafe at DiBruno Brothers at 18th and Chestnut-it fits the bill during the week, anyway.

If you wanted to venture a little south, some of the Vietnamese cafes in South Philly around 6th-11th and washington could be good.

Oh, and I go to a meetup group sometimes that meets at the Panera at 12th and Arch- obviously the food is not good (IMO) but there is always plenty of seating there and it's pretty quiet.
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Hardena, 1754 Hicks St. Ridiculously delicious Indonesian, very inexpensive. Serves tons of vegetarians (vegans need to specify no egg). Very informal; tables can be placed together. Linger all you want, no problem (especially if you avoid peak hours). Quick 2 min walk over to South Philly Tap room for a beer, or Ultimo Coffee.
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Fergie's can be quiet in off hours. Cafe Almaz has an upstairs and also delicious Ethiopian food in addition to regular coffee shop fare. Might be tight for 8.
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Not in CC but you may want to check out Grindcore House, S. 4th near Dickinson.
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I love Grindcore House! However when I used to go there frequently, about a year ago, they would actually play LOUD Grindcore music every afternoon. I found it funny/interesting, but not quiet! I don't know if they still play the music that loudly though. It is a great place!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. I'm definitely checking out the Vegan Tree.

Some of the members come in from out of town, and they don't want to bother going to south Philadelphia. This is a shame, there's a lot of good cheap food here, and it would be handy for me.

I wouldn't say the food at Di Bruno Brothers is cheap, but maybe I haven't looked carefully enough. When I said cheap, I meant a moderate-sized meal for under $10.
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If vegetarian Chinese has worked for y'all in the past, why not New Harmony in Chinatown? Big menu with lots of choices, affordable, they have round or long tables for big groups, and I've never seen it overly crowded.

The downstairs space at Last Drop Coffeehouse could also work (you can push tables together). Food menu is not super extensive but there are veggie/vegan options.
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