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I have recently played and enjoyed A Lost Phone and Another Lost Phone and am wondering if anyone knows any more games like them perhaps with better puzzles.

I like the mechanics of poking around an illustrated version of a phone to solve puzzles and read a story. Are there more games like this?
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Best answer: There’s a Mr. Robot tie-in game for ios that does this. It’s more of a gussied up choose your own adventure thing than concerned about puzzles, but I liked it.

And then more puzzle oriented like the ones you mentioned, another one for ios called Replica.

Those two may have versions on other platforms, but I played em on ios so those are the versions I’m aware of.
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Response by poster: Sweet thanks. I'm on a droid and it looks like at least Replica is available.
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Mr. Robot is also available for Android in the Play Store.

It's a bit buggy, but i liked it.
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This just cropped up in my RSS feed. Don't have it yet, but I plan to grab it after work probably.
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