Looking for 2018 wall calendars
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Please give me your interesting and unusual 2018 wall calendars.

Like this question, but updated for 2018.
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Noting that the old question was seeking a "really strange" calendar, have you considered the Rachel Dolezal 2018 calendar? (im torn over how weird it is being a real draw and not wanting to support or think about her ever again)
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This Atlas Obscura calendar full of the world’s most unusual wonders is super cool.
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I put "weird calendars" into google (not that I'm at all disparaging your googling skills, Medusa!), and this beauty came up. Cats in Space! may be a little TOO weird, but it also was so awesome I just had to share it with you all in Metafilter land.
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Underwater Puppies and Goats in Trees
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I Am Goat
I just bought this for an office white elephant. It's...very good. Classy weird, if you're into that.
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A Year of Troubled Birds from the Mincing Mockingbird
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I don't know if they are weird enough, but Nebraskans for Peace has calendars for Cat Lovers Against the Bomb.

Sadly their mugs do not appear to be available anymore. You can still get shirts, though!
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Hope in Shadows

The photos are taken during a summer photo contest in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. 200 disposable cameras are given to homeless / low income folks, then from October to the New Year people can register to sell the calendars, and they keep 10$ out of the 20$ price.
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Amy Pence Brown reenacts Hilda pinups side by side for her Reviving Hilda calendars.
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Check out the 2018 Blues Images calendar, featuring vintage advertisements for old blues records. This year's offering is a little unusual in that the accompanying "free" CD includes records that have been remastered using the same system employed for the (outstanding) PBS program American Epic that aired earlier this year. Further, it's the only calendar I know of to receive a coveted A MINUS from the self-described dean of American rock critics, Robert Christgau. That's gotta be worth something.
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I think this calendar qualifies as interesting. At least, it does to me.
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The Nib's cartoon calendar of obscure holidays is always good! Support liberal political cartoonists!
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Alternate Histories "Flee America". Giant robots, giant tentacles, and flying saucers.
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There may be a problem with the Hope in Shadows project. The latest contest mentioned is 2015, and there's some mentions of the 2013 contest. Maybe do some more checking.
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2017 Hope in Shadows was a best of, and it looks like their blog hasn't been updated since 2014, but it does still exist. I got the 2018 from a street vendor the other day. Can be ordered from the site as well.
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the scottish band the spook school do an annual 'pinup' calendar with their male drummer as they're interested in gender issues. not a lot of preview photos but here's 2018 and the cover of the sold-out 2017.

and here's a video from their first album with niall front and center for a little more context.
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Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-Monkey beat me to it: I came down here specifically to recommend the Alternate Histories Flee America calendar! Not only is the calendar itself rad, but you'd also be supporting an independent Pittsburgh artist who has, frankly, been a little bummed that his awesome calendar is not selling better than it currently is. (Disclaimer: I'm friends with that guy. But it seriously is a nice calendar. High quality paper! So fun!)
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