Ginger Carrot soup left out overnight, can I eat it?
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So heres whats in it: Carrot, ginger, potato, celery, onion, garlic, chicken stock (knorr concentrate), butter, splash of milk, grated parmesan. Pureed. Left out overnight: ~12 hours @ 18c (64f) in sealed jars

Now in the fridge. This soup was supposed to be part of my work lunches for the next few days...
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I would eat it.
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Best answer: Nope. I would not eat milk or chicken stock left out overnight. Not worth it.
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Sealed jars? Totally fine. I’ve done this so many times I’ve lost count, never a problem.

Maybe avoid if you have a very sensitive digestive system or problems with extreme risk aversion.
(Sounds like a great soup too!)
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As long as it stayed simmering hot all the way through the puree process, and was still hot enough to make the jars need a potholder to handle after they were sealed, I'd eat it.
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I wouldn't eat it because of the chicken stock.
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I have a roommate who would eat this. He thinks it's fine. Sometimes he says to me, "I don't know why, but my stomach's really mad at me today."

It's quite possible that you'll eat this and have no problems. I wouldn't eat this, though.

This is the problem with "Can I eat this?" questions. Eating this is a gamble. Some people are willing to take the gamble, and when they don't get sick they start to think of the food as safe. Other people... get sick, and either decide they made a mistake or don't connect the dots. But no one can tell you if you will or won't get sick from eating this.
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You should be fine, if they were sealed. I'd worry about the milk, but you mentioned it's just a splash of milk.

You should be sure to heat up the soup completely though (close to boiling hot, not just lukewarm).
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Response by poster: Fine I won't eat it, but I'm not going to be happy about it.
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I would totally eat it without event thinking about it, and I'm a little nervous about food. But I am not a food safety expert.
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I'd eat it.
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Presumably you put them in the fridge when you discovered them. Pop them open, and give them a sniff. If they smell like something you'd eat, pour out a little and taste. If they taste like something you'd eat, pop them back in the fridge and enjoy.
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I would eat that (if I were someone who eats chicken stock).
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Could you re-boil it without ruining it?
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I would also absolutely reheat and eat this and not even think about it.
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