Late night - Stadio Euganeo to Venice
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Probably a long shot, but does anyone know the best way to get from Stadio Euganeo outside Padua to Venice after a concert? Looks like the last trains from Padua's central station head to Venice early in the 11pm hour, so that may not be the best play. Anything run later? Is this going to be a taxi/Uber situation?
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There doesn't seem to be much going on between a little after 11 and 5:30 am (there's a 4:30 am bus, but the 5:30 am train arrives sooner).
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Usually for concerts shuttle buses connect the Stadio Euganeo to the train station and the city centre, so it's maybe possibile that you can make it to the station in time -- it's also quite likely, esp. for big concerts, that extra trains are planned outside the regular schedule connecting Padua to at least Venice after the show -- look for treni speciali or treni straordinari.
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