Small curtain rods - do they exist?
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I am having difficulty finding curtain rods for mounting on the outside of small sized windows. I have a pseudo bay window, with a 30” centre window flanked by two 19” windows. There isn’t much space between them or extra room to mount oversized rods. I want to find a design available in ie. 20-32”, or two separate size models of the same design. Total budget - $100 for the 3 rods. I’d like something plain but not flimsy, ideally in black.

The most common ‘small’ size I have found run 28” – 38”, which is too large for the small windows. I have found a few designs of smaller rods around 22”, but they are magnetic. I need something I can mount into drywall. I have found bay window rods that pivot and might match the angles, but I can’t find any with the middle section shorter than 38”. I don’t want tension rods, or other rods that mount inside the window opening.

Open to online and in person shopping available in Toronto. Thanks in advance.
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Have you looked at kitchen towel rods? I'm thinking something like this from Ikea.
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"Café rod" might be a good search term - example
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Purchase brackets, cut to length wood dowels, black paint, and (optionally) dowel end caps. Make the lengths you need yourself.
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You can get lockseam rods in the 18"-28" range.
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You can buy electrical conduit, some brackets, automotive primer, and some spray paint. Cut the conduit to whatever lengths you need. You could probably do three rods for $30 and a bit of time. You could add finials for a few bucks more.
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