Excellence in necktie storage
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I want to give my spouse the World's Greatest tie rack this year. The specifics of the tie collection in question are inside but don't feel limited by them in your suggestions. I want to see all the coolest, most beautiful, most functional necktie storage solutions available!

He has about 20 ties at any given time. We have closet space, wall space, some shelf space, but no spare drawer space right now. I probably won't spend more than $100, and the spouse probably won't like anything that requires power or batteries. I'm pretty crafty and not opposed to making/altering something. Availability by Dec. 25 not a requirement.
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I've got an old wall-mounted rack like this that I quite like. The little brass arms that hold the ties fold in and out. Here is another example.
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Check out "tie rack" on Etsy and Pinterest, quite a few ideas on there. I'd link but I'm on my phone and it's being uncooperative.
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My step-dad has a tie rack like this one, and even though he's retired and no longer wears ties, my mom still keeps it on the wall in their bedroom, full of his ties, because it is so cool looking. All the colors together displayed like that make it look kind of like a quilt.
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