VERY Specific K-Beauty Hand Cream Sought
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Any ideas where I can find one of the Etude House Missing U Hand Creams at a brick-and-mortar store in NYC?

This is going to be part of a gift basket for a cousin who's recently started a new dream job as a zookeeper. I saw a suggestion to get a bunch of fun-but-useful stuff for a gift basket - animal-print band-aids, purell in an animal-shaped case, etc. and it would be perfect; she is over-grown-kid enough that getting things in animal prints would be ideal. I've also been looking into some items and discovered some brands that also donate a portion of their profits to benefit endangered species, which makes it even better. That's why I really want to stick with this hand cream - not only is it in a cute animal-shaped bottle, but the manufacturer also donates a share of the profits to worldwide animal associations.

I can get just about everything else in brick-and-mortar stores, but am having a hard time finding this. I'd also like to get everything at the same time so I can wrap it and send. I'm afraid if I order online I won't get it in time and it will hold the rest of the gift up, so I'm hoping to find a source somewhere in NYC. Any ideas?
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Failing this, I would accept any small hand cream if it has a picture of a meerkat on the bottle or something.
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My local H-Mart has an extensive K beauty selection. Maybe call around to them?
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I saw some sort of animal-themed k-beauty at Ricky's (specifically, the sale section at the Union Square location), but it may have been a Tony Moly product. Peach and Lily is a brick and mortar. The reddit Asian beauty community may have some leads for you!
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I've seen animal-themed stuff at Ricky's, but it all seemed to be the face masks. Which would do in a pinch, but I'm hoping for the hand cream (someone who works with gibbons regularly probably washes her hands a lot).
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I have some of these! I got them on Amazon, though. I feel like I may have first seen them at one of the stores in Koreatown, near Tony Moly on 32nd? There's a bunch of beauty shops all next to each other - Tony Moly, Besfren Beauty, The Face Shop, Nature Republic. Plus Tony Moly has an ADORABLE panda line of hand creams as a backup. They are shaped like very fat pandas, do recommend.

I'd also try oo35mm down in Chinatown on Mott Street. They have a little bit of all the major Japanese/Korean beauty brands. But check out those stores in Koreatown first, since they're all close to each other.
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I am holding a penguin-shaped bottle of Etude hand cream thanks to a MeFite (I don't know if you want to be named, if so please let me know and I will sing your praises), who lives near a place in Flushing that had it. We were both going to be in Union Square so she secured it for me. Internet people are best.

(THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!)
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