The Hidden City
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I'm looking for books about hidden Philadelphia - what would you recommend?

My father is interested in learning about the more hidden aspects of Philly, especially related to the city's history and architecture. I was going to buy him Philadelphia: Finding the Hidden City but it's unavailable right now. Do you have any recommendations that would fill a similar niche? History coupled with excellent architectural photography would be a plus.
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It's available! $33. Or am I seeing a different Amazon page?
The Images of America series is affordable and worth a browse.
Wunsch and Elliott's Palazzos of Power has been on my wishlist for a while.
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For free on the web, the Celeste A. Morello Collection contains many works on crime, the mafia, and architecture of Philly! Especially of note, is the Philadelphia Italian market cookbook : the tastes of South 9th Street. Of value on the hidden side of Philadelphia is the Mutter Museum with a number of works in print.
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Also on Facebook: Hidden City Philadelphia
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Not quite the same, but maybe Walking Broad would work? You might also be able to get ahold of Mermaids, Monasteries, Cherokees, and Custer: The Stories Behind Philadelphia Street Names.
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Also free on the Web - Pew Trust's Philadelphia’s Historic Sacred Places. Their past, present, and future.
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Dr. Mütter's Marvels
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An older book in Temple University Press' collection is Forgotten Philadelphia: Lost Architecture of the Quaker City. The photos are historical rather than current, but it still might work.
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