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Please tell me of your favorite art/design/architecture blogs, pages, and websites — the more obscure, the better.

I see a lot of art, but I don't see enough art. I'm looking not so much for current-happenings type links, but rather pretty much everything else, including no-longer-updated-but-still-standing art/design blogs that are very well curated.

Or a particular art/design school's website that is brimming with interesting galleries. That sort of thing. Something I'm not likely to find by tripping down a Wikipedia path. An extremely fascinating (amateur) Flickr or Instagram account, even. Or an art or artist fansite that is particularly detailed or otherwise compelling. Or a small-museum website that can't be missed. Or the site of an obscure-but-amazing artist who no one seems to be aware of.

I'd rather not describe which styles, periods, or media I tend to prefer because I'm getting bored with my own direction, so show me what's great!
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I don't think it could be described as 'obscure', but I really enjoy the Design Milk blog.
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On the architecture end, Owen Hatherley's blog is fantastic — and check out the lengthy "Building" and "Aesthetics" link categories in his sidebar, too.
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I adore bldgblog! Also notcot is fun to look at and 99percentinvisible is interesting.
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The Jealous Curator
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Philaphilia, all about Philadelphia.
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Neither of these are solely about art, but they're my favorites for art nonetheless:

Amusing Planet
Next Nature
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I've got a folder called images and another one called ideas. Some of these may not be exactly what you're looking for, but they could lead to what you're looking for.


Swiss Legacy
Strange Attractor
Beautiful Decay
Grain Edit
Burning Settler's Cabin
Grafik Cache
Welcome to HR

I'm looking forward to checking out all the links suggested in response to your question. Thanks for asking it.
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Eyesore of the Month
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Bright Stupid Confetti (NSFW sometimes)
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Archimaps tumblr for architectural drawings (sorry I can't link. I'm on my phone).

Dirt.asla.org for landscape architecture.

My architect friend really liked a blog that was called "sit down man you're a bloody tragedy"
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Upon a Fold - paper art. Awesome.
Poster Cabaret - uh, posters. Graphic design.
Retronaut - diverting old stuff
Riot Clit Shave - safer for work than this name suggests. Great photography from a range of eras.
Plastolux "keep it modern" - Modernist gorgeousness. Swoon.
In a similar vein, my current lust pages are at Penny Hay - interior architecture, The North Elevation, OWI [Office for Word and Image]
Analogue/Dialogue, My Modern Met
The works of Mario Botta are all assembled here. Stunning architecture.

Filth Flarn Filth has intriguing stuff
The Artist and his Model
The Occult Collective
Detail online is great for architectural projects
You need Satan

East London Mornings
Friends of Type
40 Winks
Girls on Deck
Yen Mag
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I have been really enjoying this German Expressionism tumblr as of late.
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but does it float
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I follow Cave to Canvas via Tumblr.
Started two years ago by a young art history student, the blog features a different artist each day. "... A selection of works published in chronological order allows for a fuller sense of the artist’s ouvre as it unfolds. For students, educators, casual consumers of art, and everyone in between"
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Art Propelled
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Contemporary Art Daily

this has pretty much replaced all other art blogs that i look at. beyond up to date and not just focused on the usual suspects (although they creep in occasionally). large format photos and great installation shots. i like it more lately for the access it gives to European artists i wouldn't otherwise know about, especially younger ones.
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Invisible Paris
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