Music from my Google Drive/Cloud to my Ipod without Itunes
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Greetings... This a semi-formal follow up to a question I asked a while back... This is where I am at now. 1. Began the dlow process of transferring my music to my Google Drive. 2. I have an Iphone 6plus which will now act as my ipod / music player. 3. I have a Google Chrome Book without Itunes. 4. In proper wi-fi environments, I have been able to stream music on my phone from my music stored in the cloud... 5. Where I live, it is very rare to find a spot with decent wifi coverage and therefore streaming music is not a big picture solution

My phone has 128 gigs so there is plenty of room to store a good amount of music files that will be accessible with or without an internet connection, and that is what I need for the most part.

Is there a hack, or an app that will allow me to download music directly to my phone from my google drive? Actual files, and not streaming?

My google search is not bringing up any 'current' type answers, and a search through the google store is proving a bit fruitless as well. I do not have access to a computer with itunes.

do i have any options outside of re-buying some of the music through itunes on my phone, and what about the music I have that is not available through online digital sales platforms?

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Isn't that what Google Play Music does?
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Google drive doesn't generally interact with Google Play Music. However, you can upload (I think) 50gb of your own music into Google Play Music from your desktop, and then use the Google Play Music app to download both songs from their catalog and your own onto your phone - I've got GPM set up to only stream tracks when it has a wifi connection, as well.
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I think it's 20,000 songs for Google Play Music - not based on storage because Google only uploads the files it doesn't already have. For anything already in the service it essentially just shares the files with your account. It can be a challenge for people that are picky about specific versions of records or songs as Google isn't that picky and doesn't always recognize the differences between original copies and remastered versions. But it is all free so there is that.
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I use Plex for this. Not sure if this is exactly what you're after but what I do:

1. Plex server on computer at home, load all music and other media into it. Can sync/stream as much as I want to any device with Plex app.
2. Sync music folder automatically to Google Drive
3. Plex Pass ($5/mo?) gives you a Plex Cloud server in the cloud, which can read files from Google Drive. This will stream but not sync.

So basically I load up my phone with files whenever I'm on wifi from my own server, and if for whatever reason I can't connect to that I can always stream from Plex Cloud.

I have a large MP3 collection and I haaaaaate iTunes, this works great for me.
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At one point, I had an android with WinAmp. It was happy to find the music on my drive and play it. Pretty sure Google Play Music will work, too. I have a file manager, x-plore, on my android because I like to be able to view my files. If I connect the phone to my laptop I can choose to transfer files. I have a Motorola and a no-contract service provider, and my pone is not rooted, but has little provider junk installed. I will, at some point, transfer music and podcasts to my phone. Apps for playing music change all the time, but here's a review: 10 best music player apps for Android.
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