perianal cyst treament options?
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perianal cyst treatment. I have a perianal cyst which periodically becomes inflamed and then returns to normal. I usually get a prescription from the doctor for an antibiotic which helps reduce the inflammation. I take fiber supplements to loosen the stools so bowel movements are not so painful. I have recently had an inflammation which hasn't responded as quickly as usual. I'm aware that surgery is the treatment of choice for this problem however I've had a number of surgeries in the last 5 years that make me very reluctant to once again return to the hospital. I've had triple bypass surgery, emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix, a carotid scraping which was somewhat bungled and resulted in my losing my voice for 6 months, shoulder surgeries... well you get the picture. I'm looking for recommendations to alleviate the pain and help treat this without surgery at this time, such as sitz baths etc... I just can't bear the thought of another surgery right now.
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I believe that another name for this is a pilonidal cyst. If so, you may find an existing Internet community about this here.

I am concerned about taking an antibiotic for an indefinite period of time. I am not certain, but I think antibiotics are meant only to be taken for shorter periods of time. Still, if that is under a doctor's prescription, hopefully he or she is monitoring it properly.

When I was dealing with my own, I noticed that several people simply had theirs "lanced." This was less than surgery, but offered longer treatment.

One thing you can do, perhaps, is replace your shower head with something that is handheld — examples here. This allows you to detach the head and have hot water directly streaming into the cyst area, keeping it cleaner; and the directly applied hot water would hopefully help with the inflammation.

I would recommend that you eventually get surgery, however; do not consider these as replacements for it. Surgery — specifically, excision of the cyst — will help simply remove the problem from your life, which is what you eventually want to have happen.

(Please note: the community I link to above tends to exaggerate the likelihood that your cyst will return to you, as it is populated by a fair portion of people who have to live with the problem on a longer-term basis. Do not take it quite to heart; the likelihood that your cyst will return is much less than they might have you believe.)
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I had the same problem. I got four cysts in about 8 months. It was so bad that at times I couldn't sit or walk. The pain was incredible. A couple times they drained themselves. But two times I had to go to the emergency room and have them lanced.

The last time it happened I went to a specialist and he recommended surgery. Basically the surgery opens up the spot where the cyst occurs and allows it to heal from the inside out.

After the surgery, I have never had the problem again.

Yeah, surgery sucks, but not as bad as suffering through the cysts. I know you are looking for non-surgical solutions, but I would recommend the surgery. Find a specialist.
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Oh, ow, you poor thing.

How about warm baths to keep it clean, pat dry with soft toilet paper or tissue and then some soothing / anitseptic ointment, like Bepanthen.

You can also buy squirty water bottles called peri-bottles. They're designed to help get some soothing water on the area after going to the bathroom.
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