East Bay or San Francisco Psychiatrist Recs?
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I am looking for a psychiatrist for medication prescribing (NOT talk therapy, I got that covered) in the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro, Richmond, El Cerrito, Albany, Lamorinda, etc etc) or possibly San Francisco. Peninsula, South Bay, North Bay will probably be too far for me...

Preferably somebody who takes Anthem but not necessarily. Issues are anxiety, depression, PTSD, but I am actually desperate at this point so seriously any psychiatrist will have to do. It's not a medical emergency but I have been calling every office I can find and I'm starting to go bonkers because it's going nowhere. ANY HELP IS SINCERELY APPRECIATED. <3
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Have you asked your talk therapist for suggestions of psychiatrists to see?
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Donald Stanford, MD. Berkeley meds psychiatrist. That’s all he does. He’s 75 so not a long-term play. Me mail if you have more Qs.
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If you've called 20+ psychiatrists and none of them have openings for a new client then I would call your insurance company - first, they have someone in customer service who can help make the calls to find an opening, two, they should know that they have a problem that their patients aren't being served (may not do any good but can't hurt) and three, if you do find someone out of network, you might be able to get a single case provider agreement that will treat the as if they are in network in terms of you copay/deductible on the grounds that there isn't anyone in network who can provided the needed service on a timely basis. Of course, don't stop actually looking, but it is worth a phone call to see what happens.
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