Chore management app recommendation?
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I'm looking for an app, available for both iphone and android, that can communicate between users, to manage household chores, errands, and notes.

I have ASD and my husband is not diagnosed with anything but almost certainly has an executive functioning problem. We both have horrendously slippery minds when it comes to to-do lists. The result: Chores and errands are a mess. Both of us tend to feel like we're doing too much, although we do both agree that I tend to pick up slack where it is exists.

We also don't have any particular schedule for chores - things get done when one of us notices that it needs to be done AND has the time and willpower to get it together enough to do it.

Next month, we're moving. It would be really nice if we could keep the new place a lot cleaner and shinier, and since we won't be living on top of a convenience store anymore, to also stay on top of shopping and other errands and things.

I did some googling, but found nothing that fit what we need, and am really hoping this is a solved problem I just haven't found the solution to.

-Allows both repeated and non-repeated tasks
-Allows a schedule to be set for a repeated task (daily / weekly / monthly)
-Allows assignment of tasks to a user
-Allows communication between users in a group
-Available on BOTH iphone AND android (since I have one and he has the other) and the iphone and android apps can communicate

I don't care if it's kind of kid-ish, but I suspect my husband would prefer if it wasn't. But if it works, the design is secondary.
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Trello may meet many of your needs.
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Remember the Milk does everything you need.
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Todoist has a more grown-up interface than Remember the Milk and has more robust reminders abilities.
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I like Wunderlist. I believe it meets all your requirements, though I haven't actually used the sharing function so I'm not sure exactly how/how well that works.
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There are a range of general purpose todo apps that will work for this, but there are also dedicated chore apps. I've tried out a few, including:

- Unfilth Your Habitat - cleaning routines based on 'Unfuck Your Habitat', which is aimed specifically at 'people with messy houses'.
- Ourhome - this is specifically aimed at helping couples and families to manage chores together. The presentation is a bit cutesy for my taste, but it's pretty good.
- Tody is also pretty good.
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Seconding Todoist, which my husband and I use (me on iPhone, him on Android).
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