What is this pirate cartoon image?
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My grandfather had this poster up in his office for my entire life. Now that my grandmother is downsizing, she's getting rid of things, and we're trying to ID it. There is no signature, logo, or text of any sort. She seems to think it was a mascot for an oil company, but my searching has been useless. Any ideas?
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The first thing that came to mind was Andy Capp. Maybe search that artist -- Reg Smythe.
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If it is helpful, I don't think this is a pirate, despite his hook and peg leg. He is dressed as a redcoat from the Revolutionary War.
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My first thought was that it kind of looked like a character from "Thank You Mask Man." Could it be the work of Jeff Hale?
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Reminds me more of Ben Wicks' cartoons.
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yet another cartoonist to think about - looks *almost* like the work of Johnny Hart (BC Comics), but there are some differences in style. His own character in BC with the wooden leg was "Wiley," and this is NOT Wiley, but has a similar underbite (most of his characters had overbites), same style of drawing a beard, etc.

I did some googling on Johnny Hart and could not find exactly this character. Something he did as a one-off?
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The first thing to come to my mind was Dik Browne's Helga.
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