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New job offer, possible other new job offer coming soon, now what? (Health care field if it matters)

I realized for mental health reasons I need to switch to a less stressful job and to working part time. I started looking around and found something. Now I'm a bit confused.

1) Currently I work for basically a county hospital system. My heart is here - love the patients - don't want to leave, but current position too sad/stressful given life stuff at the moment. My first choice was to find a part time gig in same organization but nothing has come up yet. Also, I have a pension and I'll vest in less than a year if I stay.

2) I interviewed for a part time job at a large Other Organization and was told by the manager I got the position but due to HR stuff, actually getting the offer is very slow (this is typical in health care settings for some reason). Other Organization pays more and is a larger org so has lots of growth opportunities. They have good benefits but no pension.

3) Just last week, my supportive boss who knows I am planning to leave for part time but want to stay at our org asked around and found out about an internal part time opportunity that hasn't posted yet. She told me to write to the department manager, who she had just talked to, and she said she raved about me to that person. I did write to that manager last Wednesday, then again on Friday, and haven't heard anything. I also sent my manager an email asking her advice and she hasn't responded.

4) Then I heard back from Other Organization and they said their HR stuff has been solved and I should jump through a final hoop so I can get the offer.

5) Other organization hires people As Needed for this same position which is now posted as part time. I have thought about asking them if they'd consider hiring me As Needed instead of part time, because...

6) My fantasy: I get an internal part time position where I am, vest, get a pension, and eventually if I'm ever ready go back to full time or explore other departments, AND I ask Other Organization if they'll consider hiring me as an As Needed instead of part time and I can do a little work with them on the side, which pays a lot more, and basically have the best of all possible worlds by working a couple days a week where I am, getting benefits through them, and keeping the door open, AND getting my foot in the door of Other Organization which pays better and opens up lots of other career paths, AND I will still be working part time because between the two jobs, especially with the higher paying As Needed job, I will actually make more than I do now but while working 4 days a week.

So I guess my question is, should I just ask Other Organization now about As Needed? If I do and they say yes, but no part time job materializes at my current workplace, then I don't have any benefits at all. (As Needed positions dont' have benefits.) This is not workable.

But if I take a part time position there, I feel like I'm closing the door on the part time position where I am now. For one thing because I'll be forced to work 5 days a week if I took two part time positions, and the whole point of this job change is to go to part time. I will lose my pension, which is a big deal to have.

If this question is kind of muddled it's because I am . I can try to clarify if anything here is confusing, but I guess I'm just trying to decide, do I jump through the last hurdle and get hired part time at Other Organization? Or do I pester the manager at my current workplace some more? Or what?
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I would not pass up a job offer over the possibility of a maybe future job offer.

But also it sounds like you may have a little time, so jump through the new job's "final hoop" and then go to your boss and tell him you are considering an offer, and ask about the theoretical new job again.
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The as-needed positions I've worked have had limits on the number of hours that can be worked yearly. The retirement plans were also different than the ones other employees got. YMMV, but I would make sure to get all the info about the quirks of as-needed positions within your org before you start making plans.
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Are you positive that part timers get benefits and can vest at your current organization?
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Considering you have reached out 3 times about Internal Opportunity with no response, that doesn’t sound like a real thing. I would approach your boss one last time (preferably in person) to let her know you have an offer but you wanted to give Internal Opportunity a chance because that is where your preference is. If you email, I think this warrants cc-ing both your manager and the department manager.

On a side note, if your pension vests in less than a year is this really the right time to move? I’m sorry I don’t know the details of what is making your situation difficult but to lose your vested benefit seems really really unfortunate thing to try and avoid. Have you talked with your manager about staying but cutting hours in your current role or maybe taking a sabbatical? Additionally, a stressful life situation doesn’t sound like a great time to start a new job either.

If the department head does get back to you with positive news I would also make sure that the new role will continue to allow your pension to vest, part time or not.
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