Characters like Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
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Looking for TV shows and movies with a very specific kind of sarcasm.

I find myself watching the Oz-era Buffy episodes on repeat, and I think I've finally nailed down why.

Most of the time that characters are sarcastic/deadpan, it's pointed and/or mean. Oz's sarcasm is rarely at anyone else's expense. In fact, he's shown to be very sweet and caring.

I find this very comforting and want more shows/movies with characters like this. What should I be watching?

(Thanks for indulging this absurdly specific question.)
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It's not quite the same (a little harsher, a lot more self-pitying), but I get a little bit of this vibe from Jackson in Gilmore Girls.
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I like Michael Shur's sitcoms because they have that loving, people-actually-caring-about-each-other thing going on, while still being hilarious. You might be interested in Brooklyn 99 specifically, since there are two deeply sarcastic and often self-deprecating characters (Rosa and Jake--and Rosa nails the deadpan) who aren't mean about it. But also check out Parks and Rec for Aubrey Plaza's character April, who is basically Daria in human form.
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Wash in Firefly?
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Mick from Gavin and Stacey plays it really similar, I always think.
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The TV show Community (available on Hulu) has lots of sarcasm that seems mean and pointed but despite that the characters are all very sweet and caring toward each other.
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Ben from Parks and Rec.
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I think Leverage might scratch the same itch.
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Seconding Michael Shur's shows, but specifically The Good Place, and the character of Chidi Anagonye. His sarcasm is generally pointed at himself, if it's pointed at anybody, or at the universe in general, and is very gentle and somewhat befuddled. He might scratch your Oz itch.
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Ellen from the 90s Ellen sitcom?
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