Identify this song from a 1990 skateboard video
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My friend has been on a quest for years to identify the song played at 1:28:53 in this skateboard video from 1990.

Do you know it? Do you know anything about that song? Do you have any connections to the early 90's skateboard scene that might know? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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The credits and the comments seem to indicate it's by a band called Catalogue. If it were me, I'd be trying to track down David Schlossbach if he's still around and ask him.
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So, I should actually sleep but I can't resist this question, now I want to know who's song it is too...

This must be the fb of Dave Schlossbach, skatevideo director/cameraman, because a link to this gorgeous one-take video (on fine music) is the only thing on there.
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I've been searching around online and haven't had any luck. In case the FB of the videographer doesn't pan out, here's the FB for one of the other bands in the video: Ministry of Truth, maybe they were in the same scene, or they know about the song because their songs are also in the video? Might also be worth asking the librarians at the Bowling Green Music Library, they look like they have a robust collection and they seem friendly and helpful.
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So Quiet Storm (1991) is another skate video by Dave Schlossbach, and at 35:18 there's another Catalogue song. I couldn't find any results for the lyrics from either video's song, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all, I will send these leads to my friend.
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