Best long term care homes in Chicago or 'burbs that accept Medicaid?
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My 94 year old SIL can no longer live independently. She is sharp, mentally, but now needs assistance getting dressed, bathed, getting to meals, etc. We've discussed this with her and, while she doesn't want to leave her present home, she really wants to have a single room if at all possible, which is hard to get for Medicaid people. She's a real loner and has been all her life. Thanks very much.
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We liked Villa Scalabrini in Northlake, Illinois. They do accept Medicaid, but I don't know the details. My aunt had a single room there, but she wasn't on Medicaid.
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I helped a woman for two years, who was in this state, and abandoned by family. She lived in a small condo area (10 homes) it was easy to walk over, take her dinner, make sure everything was OK, spend some time daily. Maybe your SIL could have a companion, who takes care of her for a few hours per day, and then be on call for emergencies, coupled with a call device. My dad's wife got a person who spent eight hours, five days a week, so she could get everything else taken care of that constituted her life, and other family commitments. This lady was older, but was happy for the $1,200 per month she received for this, and became a good family friend. She had Social Security and this doubled her income. So there are alternatives, maybe 4 hours a day would do the job, and then maybe a pick up from a social services agency to take her to a senior center for some activities once a week. People weaken if left alone too much.
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She has a few options for what to do next:

Along the lines of Oyeah's suggestion, there are 'in-home-care' services that aren't nurses, but 'companion' and 'chore' services. They assist as needed. Some of these may accept Medicaid. There are agencies that provide services, or you might find an individual, though that may be harder to pay with Medicaid.

For moving to a facility, you should look at 'Assisted Living' facilities. As far as I know, most of these aren't shared rooms. (Shared rooms are more common at rehabilitation facilities or nursing care homes.)

There are also Residential Care Homes/Foster Homes. These are smaller, and usually in someone's home, but she'd have her own room. It's a group setting, but not a large group that you'd find in an Assisted Living facility.

Sidenote: If you also live in the area, I'd recommend that you look for places that are somewhat near you, as you may want to visit her, and it's easier if you're closer.

I'd also recommend seeking out a Senior Care Referral Agency. The more reputable of these companies will know which facilities have vacancies, and which will accept Medicaid. (Less reputable agencies will simply take your information and blast it out to their own list of all homes and let those homes contact you.) A good agency will sit down with you and learn your needs. They will likely make their fee from a placement, so you won't pay them. I don't have any recommendations because I'm not in your area, but I'd search 'senior care referral agency Chicago' and look for someone in your area, then call them and chat to find out a little more about their methods.

The city of Chicago has some information to get started.

Other resources include: Illinois Dept. on Agency and maybe the Senior Helpline? There's a lot of help out there, but it's a big job to learn the lingo and to educate yourself so you can advocate for your SIL.
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Seconding to call the. IL department of aging and their senior hotline .

The amount of services they provide is fairly limited, but it will put someone in her home to help with bathing, cooking, shopping, getting dressed. For people on Medicaid this service is free.

If shes had a recent hospitalization, the IDOA has 48 hours turn around time for initial assessment supposedly. You may be able to call her Medicaid MCO for assistance as well.
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My MIL really likes her assisted living in Deerfield, IL. I can't remember the name, but it's down the street from the Walmart. They have studios available, but the wait list can be long.
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Oopsy, it's Deerpath in Huntley IL.

My brain got confused.
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