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Mamtakim: Do any native Israelis remember a children's radio show or audio tape in which bacteria living in your mouth sang and talked about the dangers of sweets, sugar, and not brushing your teeth?

Nobody can remember it, but I was raised on hearing it repeatedly; thus, I think it was pretty popular at the time. I remember it was two voices, basically the burglar archetype recast as bacteria (or sugar, or something)
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Best answer: Maybe here, under health, or under radio. If not there, I'm sure you will be blown away by the rest of the offerings there.
There was also a Norwegian children tale, called Karius and Baktus, that may have been translated leivrit. Labri'oot
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Best answer: I think it could very well be Karius and Baktus. The book version was very popular in Israel when I was growing up in the early 80s, and there were probably multiple audio versions as well. I even recall hearing about a theatrical adaptation.

One Hebrew recording is available here along with couple audio samples. The Hebrew book is available here.
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It is definitely Karius and Baktus, as growbrain suspected. Here is a poster for the show and the book.
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Yes, Karius and Baktus, always gleefully chiselling at your molars. I thought I was the only Israeli infiltrator around (aside from felixbetachat, I guess.)
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Response by poster: ken! toda raba chevre
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אני עזבתי את הארץ בשבעים ושלוש
ולכן לא ידעתי על התרגום לעברית
(I left Israel in 1973 and didn't know about the Hebrew translation)...
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