Two page per day bound planner
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I'm looking for a bound dated planner in a two page per day format.

That's pretty much it. I like the feel of my Moleskine planner much more than the binder/refill style, but I'd like to have a notes page for each day. I can't find one (presumably because it would be kinda gigantic, but I'm okay with that).

A traveler's notebook might be fine too? I've never used one. But I am lazy and uncrafty so I would probably only want to do this if there were preprinted two page per day refills available somewhere, not print and bind your own ones.

Does anybody know of a planner like this? Thanks metafilter --
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I do not know your location BUT one day over two pages planners are readily available. An example is here: CUMBERLAND 2018 A4 2 PAGES TO A DAY CASEBOUND APPOINTMENT DIARY 15MIN or even at-a-glance which has inserts for 1 day over 2 pages planners, too. If that does not work then I suggest that you simply go to a planner site, download what you like and then send the PDF to a convenience print shop like Kinkos's or Office Max and have them bind you a journal. I had Kinko's bind a large hardcover journal and it worked out fine.
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Oh, I'm sorry, I should have said. I'm in the U.S.
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This planner from CR Gibson is flexible about what day it's for; you could use two pages for one day if you want.
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Daytimers has you covered.

2 Page Per Day Planners

Specific Products:

2-Page-Per-Day Original Planner

2-Page-Per-Day Reference Planner
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Agendio planners are fully customisable and may work for you.
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