Haulin' Ass, Gettin' Paid
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I'm looking for examples or a list of movie scenes (or TV, I suppose) which feature the presentation of futuristic money as a punchline, especially re: who is pictured on the bills. Think the $10,000,000 bill in Idiocracy, or Hillary Clinton on the $10,000 bill in Pluto Nash. Bonus points for examples with links to pics. Thanks!
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The Futurama episode “Three Hundred Big Boys” features a $300 bill with Richard Nixon’s face in the year 3004. (Link includes pic)
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the mega-corporation "Buy 'n' Large" seems to have their own global currency in WALL-E
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Simpsons had a trillion dollar bill episode. 'Trouble with Trillions.'
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Biff Tannen is on the "Biff Bills" in Back to the future 2
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Richard Nixon's face is also on the $1000 bill in Futurama currency, and Al Gore graces the $500.
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