Ideas for an exercise to show you what info your phone is collecting
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I'm conducting an exercise where people will check settings on their phone and (hopefully) be shocked and horrified at the insane amount of information their phone is collecting about them. I would love links to stories that show (e.g.) how apple and google track locations, browsing history etc. The idea would be to collect the information and tally it up.
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iPhones track Frequent Locations, and the list and map can be viewed here:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations
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for android go here (full browser may be easier):

i'd suggest clicking all the way down to a month/day and see how scarily it knows exactly where you were walking/driving and where you stopped.
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and google has details on your web and app usage here:
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Looks like Frequent Locations on iPhone has been renamed/replaced by Significant Locations (possibly for iOS 11?); same Settings location, however.
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Note: You can turn off many of these settings. It may be helpful to show default settings vs locked down.

Also maybe useful to illustrate how unique a given browser can be and how many websites track of that (eg, you are using chrome x.x with these extensions on this kind of phone with cookies from these sites).
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Or read this thread for an unique app case:
(Smartphone app that uses mechanical turkey/people to type in your information)
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