Sacramento mechanic open on the weekend?
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I will be buying a new (used) car shortly, perhaps as early as this weekend, and would like to have it inspected by a mechanic before I seal the deal. Taking time off of work isn't really on the table, so I need to find someone that is open on the weekends and this is proving to be difficult. Can anyone suggest a Sacramento area mechanic that is open on weekends for pre-purchase inspections?
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If you can't find a place, you can ask the car owner to take it back to the brand dealership and have them call you for a credit card number to do the inspection. It'll take about 1-2 hours and probably cost about $250. Maybe you can offer to either buy the car for sure, or let the owner keep the inspection results to show the next seller. When I bought a used car, the seller agreed to do this.
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SpeeDees are generally open on weekends. That may not be what you're going for in a mechanic who checks your car before buying, but that's the one I've heard of.
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You can also pay a car inspection service to go check it out. You provide the location and description of the car and they go check out
for you. Just search for 'car inspection service' for more info.
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I ended up using Arden Village Service (AKA Scott's Corner). It was $110, took about an hour, and there's a decent pub across the street called 19 Handles to while away the time.
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