A copy of shien vi di l'vone
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You've seen the short "Over Time" by Damien Ferrie - youtube I want an MP3 or something of one of the songs featured.

It's been driving me mad for a while ( a decade!), but I love the middle song, which is - as near as I can tell - "shien vi di l'vone". But that's a popular song. And this one, recorded by Cyril Ornadel and his Silverlight Orchestra is particularly difficult to find. But that opening is magic, and the clarinet...

I am perfectly OK with paying for the file. I just want it so I can listen to it while driving through the mountains, where XM radio don't work. Even, sometimes, when it does.

Also - bonus question - other songs/albums along those lines. I love that mid 20th century orchestral/klezmer stuff. My new job has me spending a lot of time in the mountains driving my truck. Gimme your recommendations!
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I can't find anything specifically by the Sliverlight Orchestra, but if you like instrumental versions of "Sheyn vi di Levone", you might like Zoe and Cloyd's version. It's actually available for download as a 99 cent single MP3 here, song 9.

There are many instrumental klezmer albums out there available for download, such as this one. If you browse around, you should be able to find larger orchestral stuff, although traditionally klezmer was performed by a quartet or quintet.
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