Please help me figure out this instrument.
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I was recently playing the video game Banished and part of the music track that accompanies the game is a haunting, atmospheric bit that features what sounds like some sort of wind instrument. Can anyone help me identify what this is? Thanks!
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This is a synth playing a sample of tuvan throat singing. There aren't any breaks for breaths, but the timbre is that of overtone singing.
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It's overtone singing, specifically in the sygyt style--maybe manipulated/filtered a bit, but I can't tell because I'm on not so great speakers. The Wikipedia article has a sygyt sound file you can listen to to confirm.
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The composer's Linked in profile says "Composed musical soundtrack utilizing digital instruments and open source samples for 2014 video game "Banished." To my ear it sounds like sampled and digitzed Tuvan throat singing.
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Overtone singing?

Here's a video of a singer explaining how it works.
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The documentary Genghis Blues is definitely worth seeking out if you want to learn more about Tuvan throat singing and culture.
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You may enjoy the work of Canadian throat Singer Tanya Tagaq. She tours a lot and her live performances are amazing.
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It's definitely some sort of overtone based instrument but not necessarily overtone singing. It could be an overtone flute. An example.

Edit: Another example.
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