Where is the Metafilter of food blogs?
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I used to love reading food blogs, but all my favorites have disappeared, turned into more of a storefront for the author's book(s), or become full of recycled affiliate-linked content. I miss being able to spend a large chunk of time consuming new food writing content a few days a week. Where can I find original-content-rich, regularly-updating websites focused on food-related writing? Can be a single author or many. Any food topic. Some ads are OK (we all gotta eat), but if it's 50% or more of the content, no-go.
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I adore Food For the Thoughtless, but he has always been an every couple of month, rather than weekly, updater.
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If you read a lot of food blogs, you probably already know about these, but I like Serious Eats and Kitchn.
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I like Molly Yeh's My Name Is Yeh a lot. Some of her posts are sponsored (i.e. at the bottom of a long post about brownies, she'll note it was sponsored by a brand of nuts) but as advertising goes, I find that unobtrusive.
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On the newsy side, but Marion Nestle's Food Politics? Civil Eats?
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I like Smitten Kitchen, Cookie and Kate, and Love and Lemons.
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Food Wishes for sure. Seconding Smitten Kitchen, Serious Eats and Kitchn.
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Love, Cake
Smitten Kitchen
Christine Ha's The Blind Cook
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great suggestions so far, all!

To address a couple common suggestions that might come up again:

I do love Serious Eats, but their last couple site redesigns make it not conducive to finding and reading new, non-sponsored content.

Smitten Kitchen is and will always be one of my faves and each of their updates brings me great joy, but those updates are pretty infrequent these days.
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Maangchi for Korean food. I have made her recipes with success.
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I've found that The Kitchn is starting to get kind of overrun with sponsored content.

Punk Domestics is more about things like canning and pickling and such than it is about food prep, but it is definitely much more of a conglomerate/aggregate kind of thing, and you may find a blog via that platform you want to investigate further.
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Me, My Food, and I, which I think I found through Instagram.
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David Lebovitz. He does have a new book out that he's promoting, but the majority of his posts are not about the book.

And Afroculinaria - Exploring Culinary Traditions of Africa, African America and the African Diaspora
which is Michael Twitty's website, is worth exploring to see if it suits you. He does include a healthy dose of politics, but as a gay, black, jewish chef it would probably be hard for him not to. (He's also got a book out, but don't they all?)
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Jacques Pepin, Fast Food My Way.
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Not a blog, but I really like the chowhound forums, or used to, it's been a few years. Pretty much any food question you could think of, someone's answered it there.
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If you are willing to pay, you could buy a subscription to food lunatic John Thorne’s newsletter archive Simple Food (I think). He’s bonkers in the best possible way. :7)
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A friend of mine runs Crumb: A Food Blog | made from scratch recipes from a seasonal kitchen ...which I see has some sponsored posts, so it may or may not be what you're looking for.
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Food Bloggers of Canada?
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Roads and Kingdoms?
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If you enjoy Smitten Kitchen, you might also like Lil Vienna. A similar concept of talk about a food or recipe, and then give the recipe. Maybe a little more healthier than Smitten. All her breads have worked for me, even the rye which can be challenging.

My all time favorite food blog has to be FXcuisine. He has a unique voice, and his passion for the topics he writes about comes through. He also takes beautiful photos. He took a very long hiatus, but one day there was a new post to reward those of us who would check back every once in a while. It seems to not be regular updated these days, but the back catalogue will keep you busy and enthralled for a while.
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I really love Minimalist Baker and I think she updates pretty frequently. She has pretty pictures and I am not exaggerating when I say that I have greatly enjoyed every single one of her recipes that I've made at home.
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Smitten Kitchen is on a book tour at the moment, I believe. But she does update pretty regularly otherwise. Definitely worth waiting for.
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I've really been enjoying The Amateur Gourmet lately. The blog's been around since '04 and the proprietor went through all the stages: blog, book, video and ultimately moving on to another career. But after a two year hiatus it's back with relatively frequent posts about cooking, entertaining and eating out.
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