Coco Movie - Appropriateness for a younger child with sensory issues
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My five year old has some mild sensory issues (mostly aural) and is on the autism spectrum (high functioning / mostly social behavior related issues). His school class has a trip to the movies later today to see Coco, and I'm checking if anyone can confirm how loud it is / how scary it is relative to that age group.

We've shown him the trailer at home in a safe setting, and he seems ok with the content and the fact it involves skeletons etc. He'll be with his mum (in an aisle seat so they can leave if needed), and we're bringing his sensory headphones etc if he needs them. He's been in a movie theater for a shorter film once and was ok (needed to put his hands over his ears at several points and snuggle in and close his eyes a few times ). He's eager to go, and we really want him to go as it's a very social activity with his regular kindergarten class that all the kids have been hyped about. But then again we don't want to have him in a highly stressful situation in front of his peers when suddenly there is a very loud scary scene and he breaks down (possible). If anyone has seen the movie and has any perspective or can forewarn us of any scenes that may be an issue I'd appreciate it.
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Here is a website that may have the info you are looking for:
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Common Sense Media also has very detailed reviews of movies (for your future plans)
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Movie theaters often set the volume way louder than necessary, but they will generally lower the volume if you ask. In this case, I'd suggest that mum or the teacher ask the manager in advance to ensure that the volume is moderate - not just because of his sensory issues but to protect the hearing of the entire audience.
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Some theaters offer sensory friendly screenings.
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Thanks all. Yeah turns out the 40 minutes of previews and the Frozen Christmas mini-movie they showed upfront was enough for him...and he and his mum left just before Coco started.....but thanks all for your advice.
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