Can I eat this? Late Blue Apron delivery version.
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We ordered Blue Apron (through one of those 100% free week offers!) for the first time. The food came late, they are crediting the account so we get a free box next time, and I need some help to determine if I can still safely eat some/all of the contents of the box.

The box was originally supposed to arrive Monday by 10PM. From a preliminary search, their boxes are packed for an additional 24 hours of proper temps etc. The box arrived this morning, and contents went straight into the fridge/freezer (meat into the freezer, remainder into the fridge) - so about 15 hours after the packaging is designed for.

However, the box was cold and properly sealed when I opened it, the food was cold, the freezer packs were still semi-frozen, and I'd hate to throw out perfectly good food.

-Freezer wrap around the entire contents, fully sealed.
-Freezer pack on the bottom.
-Sealed chicken breast, ground beef, shrimp. Packages were sandwiched between 2 half-frozen freezer packs. Meat felt very cold. There was clear liquid around the packages that I believe is from the freezer packs - the liquid did not have a scent and none of the meats had air bubbles or apparent loss of liquid.
-Freezer pack between the meat and remaining ingredients. All remaining ingredients felt cold.
-Loose veggies (sweet potatoes and radish). These were slightly wet on one side, I think the box was stored on its side for a couple hours in our mail room so this would be the same liquid as around the meat packages. I washed/scrubbed these before putting them in the fridge.
-Brown paper bags with misc ingredients (tomatoes, spices, mayo, cheese): 2 bags were dry. 1 was wet (see above). All of the ingredients were individually sealed, with seals intact. The small container of miso paste was sealed but the top was raised (think over-fermented yogurt container).
-Rolls, wrapped but with holes to breath, outside felt dry/slightly dewey (not wet).
-Leafy greens (lettuce, green onion), individually wrapped but with holes to breath. Did not feel like they touched the liquid. Look fresh. On top of all other ingredient.

Recipes here show all ingredients:Cheeseburgers, Seared Chicken, and Shrimp and Pasta.

The complicating factor is that it's the holiday, and fiance's mom is visiting this weekend so we'll probably do a lot of eating out / turkey leftovers. I was not planning to grocery shop until next week. If the package had come on time, we would have eaten 2/3 recipes and put the other in the freezer until next week. As noted above, the meat is already in the freezer.

So, MeFi, is any of this safe to keep? I'm wavering between all, some, and none, so help me sort this out!
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I would eat it. If the packs are still semi-frozen around the meat, I'm going to call that well below 40 degrees.
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I'd cook it.
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Annnnnd upon closer inspection the liquid looks like chicken juice - a small amount pooled in the bottom of the box. I assuming this happened this morning, so I'll check them before cooking but everything else should be good!
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I would probably eat it. I've gotten Blue Apron for over a year & they pack their stuff well if the ice packs are still part frozen I'd trust that. I've had their food come late evening during a heat wave with the ice packs almost melted but everything still cold from the insulation & everything was fine.
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This is what a food thermometer is for. I would NOT eat it as you really have no idea how long the food has been over 40 degrees. I live in south Florida and had to stop getting meal boxes as none of the companies I tried could deliver food at a safe temp and (surprisingly) none of them would amend their packaging to include more freezer packs. Get a thermometer so you don’t have to question safety next time.
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I would toss the meat and eat the rest of the ingredients. I'd also clean the hell out of everything because of the chicken juice.
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I would toss the meat and eat the rest of the ingredients. I'd also clean the hell out of everything because of the chicken juice.

That's what my boyfriend did in the same situation. He did not get sick!
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