Business banking with check deposit by phone
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Is there a bank that lets you deposit checks into a business account by phone or online? I'm not looking for depositing them with equipment that I rent. Thanks!
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Wells Fargo has a phone app that you can use to deposit business checks for their commercial tier. You can only deposit one check at a time, however, and there are sometimes ones that do not scan correctly on your phone.
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Pretty sure both Wells Fargo and US Bank offer this, though I've never used it.
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Chase does this.
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USAA does this very well.
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My old regional bank, Arvest, offered this. (and is very customer friendly, if you're ever looking for a bank in Arkansas/Oklahoma/Kansas/Missouri)

The downside to their very reasonable fees and transaction processing that favors the customer (!) is that certain members of the Walton family are part owners of its parent company.

I think Bank of the Ozarks also offers it (my boss ended up with them through a series of buyouts and mergers and still hasn't left, though he does his personal banking elsewhere) and I'm pretty sure they have branches in Georgia.
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My little local bank does this but they limit the number of checks very severely. (Like, $500/mo max or something idiotic.) I suspect there is a way to get around this via a fee.
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Capital One's Spark Business accounts *only* let you deposit with their phone app.
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