Osteo, physio, or something else?
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YANMD, but I slipped 3 discs in June, and have been in physio twice a week for most of the time since then, with two spinal epidurals in August and September. I feel like I should be better than I am by now, and would like advice on what other kind of treatment to look into.

I've asked my doctor this but she wasn't sure, and asked the physio if I should see an osteopath but she has her biases obviously. I am British living in France, and I would never bother with a chiropractor, but lots of French colleagues have advised I see one.

This is the fifth time I've had disc problems, but it was one at a time before and this recovery is much longer. In the UK after the fourth time of having a slipped disc (two discs, one three times and one once) the doctor told me surgery may be necessary. In France I have been told that surgery is rare, I would like to avoid this anyway.

With the physio we are working on improving core strength, but I cannot yet go swimming or do Pilates, even walking too much causes pain the following day.

Who should I see?
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I know it sounds woo but a good acupuncturist can be very helpful with things musculoskeletal. The ones i gave seen for cervical or shoulder problems that helped the most also had backgrounds in more conventional physical therapy.

It can't hurt.

(No, really. It can't make your problems any worse.)

Good luck.
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Response by poster: Forgot that, I see an accupuncturist about once a month on average.
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Maybe it’s time to change your physiotherapist.
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Dry needling my back helped my damaged quads immensely. It's not the same as acupuncture.
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