What shoes does a minimalist wear in winter?
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I am a cis-woman, mid-40s, living in the Bay Area, and I want shoes (brands or specific shoes) to wear to work in a casual environment in the winter that will fit a generally minimalist aesthetic and lifestyle.

In the summer/dry weather I generally wear black canvas slip ons or black ballet flats. These are fine when the weather is dry but I would also like something that I can walk short distances in moderately wet weather but are still appropriate for smart casual office wear.

More particulars:
- I am looking for black leather shoes that are not patent or suede. I am open to loafers, oxfords, booties, whatever. I am not looking for tall boots right now (or rather, I have already narrowed down a search for tall boots). I am open to flats but prefer a low or moderate stacked heel, I don't want a delicate or spiky heel or a tall wedge (low wedge might be ok). I really hate a lot of embellishments, textures, and stuff on my everyday shoes. I don't like a really pointy toe.
- My feet run hot, so I don't need/want really heavy or very warm shoes; I don't have any feet problems.
- My usual outfit is a plain fitted above-the knee dark denim or corduroy skirt, black or dark-colored leggings/tights, a bright-colored tank under a fitted black long- or short-sleeve t-shirt and a cardigan in gray or a bright or jewel color. My accent colors tend to be yellow/mustard, teal, fuchsia/magenta or bright/dark green. I'm attracted to minimalist/capsule wardrobe styles.
- Sometimes I wear jeans, so it would be good to have something that can be for jeans or a skirt, but I do wear skirts most often.
- I have slim calves and ankles, my feet are slightly wide (not enough to need a wide size but enough that some sleek shoes look weird on me); I don't mind/sometimes like a chunkier shoe but am not wanting a heavy, bulbous shoe like a clog. I really really really want to avoid a suburban mom look, but I'm also not a 20 year old fashionista and I'd like to veer arty rather than corporate. I'm open to more casual shoes if they are quite hip, if not hip than I'd like them to be a little more classic/formal, even retro. I am open to femme or menswear inspired looks.
- I'm aiming for $80-$125, but a special deal is attractive and I'll invest more (<$300) if I know the shoe is really good quality and will last and is what I want.
- I can't stress enough how much I don't want to look like a suburban mom going to a country-western bar for out for a night out even though I am aware that my price point is essentially that and some of my other signifiers point to that.
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I like Aquatalia. Their shoes are water-resistant, stylish and sadly, also expensive. Some styles are on sale at Nordstrom.
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These may be too flat and heavy for you, but I like many of the same aesthetics and my winter shoe is the Dr Martens 1461. They are a nightmare to break in, but are now in near-daily rotation for me and (painlessly) covering long distances. Today I wore them with tights, tomorrow they are set out with cuffed jeans.
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Black, chisel toed blundstones? I've been wearing mine with many outfits for five years, through all seasons.
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Camper? I have a pair similar to these and I think they tick your boxes. Very versatile, not about to be out of style (or off to c/w nite in the burbs) soon. They've also been ridiculously durable and comfortable, too.
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Unless I've missed something, the Chelsea boot is made for you.
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I like a smooth low wedge loafer like this or this for wearing with pants, jeans and skirts. Here's a bootie version made by... Crocs? Random!
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I have a pair of black Ecco loafers that work, look there? Mine are even mostly waterproof, which is great. Also, thanks for letting me know that my "fun״ cowboy boots are probably making me look like a suburban mom on a night out. You are totally right.
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I wear something like these for your purposes but in black. Confession, I've been a suburban mom for 15 years but I haven't been to a country-western bar for 20 years so I don't really know what that looks like.

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It sounds like Everlane's Modern Loafer might work really well with the outfits and palette you've described. I can vouch for it being extremely popular in my workplace (an art institution). Since you're in the Bay Area, you could even check out the fit and colors in person at their only West Coast retail location (lucky!).
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Chiming in to add that everyone* in Canada wears blundstones for this purpose. With skirts even. But they might be too clunky for you, in which case i'd go with some of the other chelsea boot variants that are recommended.

(Not everyone but nearly.)
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Cole-Haan oxfords. They're in your desired price range when they go on sale.
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I was in SF for work recently and bought a pair of flat heeled ankle boots by Sutro. Shoebiz on Valencia was the spot. Seconding Everlane as something you might want to check out.
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I was coming in to suggest Sutro when I saw you're in SF. I have a pair or two of their men's footwear and they're quite comfortable. Go to Shoe Biz and try some on.
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Dr. Scholl’s makes an Everlane knockoff, by the way.
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These Timberland chelsea boots mesh with workwear a bit better than Blundstones, IMHO (coming from someone who lives in Blundstone land). For some reason they're a huge compliment magnet. I had to size up a half size despite having narrow-ish feet, so YMMV if you have slightly-wide feet.
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If you like canvas slip ons, just trade them for leather ones when it starts to rain. There’s a huge selection since they’re still on-trend, and they’re nicer looking than the canvas ones. I had a pair of black perforated leather Vans and they were plenty waterproof for the Bay Area, they went with everything, and were one of my most-complimented pairs of shoes of all time.
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I'm a solid chelsea boot girl in the winter. I just bought a pair of these, in black, which are lovely, comfortable and less clunky than a lot of the ankle boots I've tried on this season.
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Chelsea boots, girlfriend.
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You can never go wrong with 8-hole Doc Martens.
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Clarks and Sperry are my Chelsea boot go-tos. I've been really happy with Sperry lately, to the extent almost all my shoes come from there now.
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The Dansko Marcelle seems to fit the bill exactly. Note the Cabrio leather instead of the patent, and it's really not that shiny in person. Your requirements and style sound similar to mine and I just wore a pair of these to death and am getting ready to buy another pair.
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