Reviewing/submitting a short personal essay…. somewhere ?
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I wrote a short nostalgic essay. Where is a good place to submit it and get it shared? Any good places to have a quick review of it?

This is a short personal essay (About 1300 words) that’s nostalgic and cute from my childhood and mornings with my dad. I don’t personally mind if I get paid but something would be preferred. I understand most places pay by the word and it’s not much. But I’d like to just, share it and get it out there! 

I’m not looking to become a writer, but I would like to do more writing, especially surrounding my experience with chronic illness. Though this essay doesn’t touch on that. 

Where and how should I submit such a thing?

Where and who may want to give it the once-over? 

My dad, stepmom, and husband checked it, but they are all aware of the events so I’d like to make sure there’s not a hole for someone else who isn’t familiar with my life. I can post it to my website, but that’s mostly just to point to other things, not a platform on its own.
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Medium might fit the bill. See if their Self section or Family section looks right for you. No editing, though; also no pay. (It's rare to get paid for personal non-solicited essays, though, particularly these days.)
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Agree with halation, Medium is kind of the go-to for essay/blog-like posts that can be shared with/seen by others.
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I would try the NYT's Modern Love. Submission guidelines here.
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