Basic quality podcast setup?
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Can you provide an overview of a basic podcast setup?

Looking for specific recommendations for equipment and software. Slight preference for audio equipment that *can* be hooked up to a computer rather than *must* be hooked up to a computer (i.e., would prefer not to purchase a USB microphone etc.).
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Probably depends on the circumstances under which you'll be recording away from a computer. If you want to be able to record anywhere, something like the Zoom H1 will get you pretty far, but it won't (AFAIK) serve as an audio interface if you want to record directly into a computer.
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Lots of great resources at
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The Zoom H2n and H4n Pro are both great and can be used as USB microphones in addition to serving as stand-alone recorders.
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Another recommendation for the Zoom H4n, if you're going to be doing any recording away from the computer. It has good built-in microphones and has two combo XLR jacks which can be used for plugging in external microphones for special circumstances. And it's a 4-track recorder, so you can mix your separately miked tracks appropriately later, rather than having to balance everything in the field.

For software, Audacity is free and powerful.
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Audacity is free software and will allow you to make the kind of basic cuts and edits you need. I like Cool Edit Pro, which isn't free but I, um, found free, but it is now called Adobe Audition. I don't know if you'll have guests Skyping in (Skype, Google Voice or something similar is your best way to bring guests on who aren't physically with you), then you can use a third-party app to record your Skype calls as a backup too.

Any type of mic will do, really. I don't host my own podcast, but I've been on several podcasts and radio shows - what I use is a headset with a microphone and audio input, like this. You can of course buy one with USB instead. I know microphones with pop filters are popular too and they can range into hundreds of dollars depending on the quality.
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Take a look at Podcast Method, from Dan Benjamin of the 5by5 Podcast Network.
What follows are my recommendations for the best, most reliable, and best reviewed gear for several different types of podcaster (entry level, intermediate, pro, mobile, group, etc.). To make things as straight forward as possible, instead of offering many different alternatives, I've provided just one set of recommended gear for each level, representing my suggestions for the best and most affordable equipment available. My hope is that you find this guide helpful, and that it saves you from making the time consuming and often costly mistakes I've made along the way.
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check out Podcast Answer Man
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