Another shoe question!
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Looking for a pair of chelsea boots, in either style A or style B. Details within!

Budget: ~$125

Style A
-Platform/creeper-style sole with no (maybe very little) distinction between heel and forefoot
-Mid ankle length
-Almond/round toe (but not bulbous like a lot of docs)

Style B
-low heel
-contrasting sole
-low profile on ankle
-longer in the front, shorter on the sides
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What about the Clarks Blackford?

Clark's are good value for the money and the Blackford seems to fit some of your list.
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oh- nonbinary here, and I'm okay with either men's or women's shoes, just don't want them to be too... clunky (again, like doc martens)
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How do you feel about a bit of a heel? Do these in black suit Style A? They're a hair above your price range, though.
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Platform sole (tho I don't know how you feel about the nubuck finish)
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Oh, not the crepe soles! Go with Style B.
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Just to clarify, I'm not looking for advice on whether to pick A or B, I like them equally. I am looking for links to specific shoes for sale that fit either criteria.
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For style B: Sorel Emelie Chelsea. Slightly over your budget but you probably can wait for a sale / coupon code. Sorel has also had other similar styles in the past... They tend to be waterproof and very durable.
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I have these docs which have a non-bulbous tapered toe and are nicely unisex as docs are. Also very comfy.
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