Looking for a missing person in Santa Clarita
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I have a friend who has gone missing in Santa Clarita, CA and I have no idea how to look for them.

I had a friend-of-a-friend come stay with me this summer who had to move after a long-term illness worsened to the point where they could no longer work. They were offered a permanent place with a college friend of theirs in Santa Clarita and went there at the end of August. Recently, they made a post on Facebook that they had to suddenly leave that house and that they were afraid to return for their things. A few more posts after were about them being at a shelter, that they had an appointment to talk to a social worker and that they were headed to a hospital for a check up, possibly one with Mayo in the name. I messaged them and got a response but then she completely dropped off the radar last Wednesday and nothing has been heard from her since. Her sister, who she is very close to, contacted me to today to ask if I had heard from her. The sister has called hospitals to no avail. I am not a family member, obviously, and what I know is pretty much written above. What can I do to help find her aside from keep texting her hoping she responds?
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Start by calling the police department and explaining the situation. It's unlikely they'll have any information directly but they'll have a list of services that you can contact -- the same list they use when beginning missing persons' investigations.
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Agree with calling the local police, to do a “welfare check,” but the sister should be the person to make the request.
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Sounds like it could be Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital in Valencia. But if she is uninsured or without means, Olive View is the nearest County hospital facility. You might also make inquiries in Ventura County. I hope you find your friend soon.
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She has been located! Her sister was able to contact the police, as directed, and then was given a number at Henry Mayo. Bingo. Things are still all fucked up for her but at least her family can now help her out.
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