I want to be a music maker
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How can I set up a mini home studio? Studio may be too strong of a word, but I’m looking for a set up of (I think) a basic mic, a large speaker, and a keyboard (eventually trading that out for a piano). I want my kids to be able to experiment and get comfortable with speaking/singing into a mic, and to be able to do karaoke with them. Can you help with suggestions?

I have a Yamaha full size keyboard and just purchased a basic mic off Amazon. I’m looking at something like this to do karaoke running via Bluetooth through my iPhone. I think I would plug in the keyboard and mic to the speaker as well? I play piano but know nothing about any of this kind of tech. I would also like to use the speaker at parties or just with the kids for family dance nights. Can you give me any suggestions for basic equipment and set up? I really appreciate your help.
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Looks like you're in the right ballpark with what you want to do. (One quick note on terminology - what you're looking at is a "powered speaker" or "mini- PA": there are also "speakers" that have no electronics inside and would need purchase of additional stuff to get sound out of them. Just so you know that all "speakers" you find on Amazon or wherever will not do what you need.)

You would plug the mic into the 1/4" jack labeled as such, and your keyboard into the smaller 3.5mm (1/8") jack above the mic jack, labeled "aux". Depending on the output possibilities of your keyboard, you might need a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter. It doesn't look like the aux input has a separate volume control, so you would use the volume control on your keyboard to set the relative volume of the keyboard to the mic. Set the mic volume with the labeled knob, set the volume of your Bluetooth device with the dedicated controls, set the overall volume of everything with the master volume control.

With the right cable you can also plug an MP3 player into the aux input for party music.

Not sure what else you're looking for - the unit you're looking at should be more than adequate for having fun with the kids.
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