New Year's in Mexico City
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We'll be in Mexico City the last week of December this year, through New Year's. Can you advise us on any holiday events to look into, and how the September earthquake should factor into our planning?

We've combed through the past Mexico City questions, made a map of places to be, checked out some histories, and set our Duolingos appropriately. We are staying near La Condesa, which we understand is near some of the areas of damage from the recent earthquake. Our goals are looking at views, archaeology (in the wild and in museums), other museums, food and drinks, and walking around. In general, we'd love any advice on new places- especially your favorite spots that don't make the tripadvisor top twenty- or interesting tours (we have looked at the Eat Mexico tours). Specifically, though-

1) We'd like to head to Teotihuacan for an early morning after we get acclimated to the elevation. Can anyone recommend a guide to improve that experience (especially one who know the history of the site or excavations?), or should we do it on our own with cabs?
2) What should we know abut the earthquake damage and recovery in the city to be responsible tourists?
3) Are there any ongoing Christmas displays that week? What should we do for New Year's?
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I'm not sure how helpful this will be, but I was on a university study trip to Mexico City a few years ago at New Year's. I stayed in because I was getting sick & exhausted, those much younger than me just headed out & joined the people on the streets. It sounded like many people walked along Paseo de la Reforma to El Ángel and I think there may have been a concert or something going on there.
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Bring serious earplugs that you can wear when you're sleeping. Many, many Mexicans go nuts with fireworks on holidays, around holidays, in the general holiday season, and they can be going all night long.
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