Mp3 player for swimming?
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I'm looking for a new waterproof mp3 player to listen to podcasts on while swimming. Currently I have an exeze rider which is ok except there is no way to select specific tracks, fast forward or rewind - I can only skip tracks. A new one should have ff/rwd, should be loud, and I'd like to spend around $150 or less. Thank you.
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There are surprisingly few options out there. Underwater Audio makes most of them. I have the Syryn, which has the same problem as your Exeze Rider. The only option they have that's under $150 and kind of meets your needs is that if you already have an iPod shuffle, they can waterproof it for you for $120.

I do want to call your attention to the Underwater Audio Delphin. It's not yet available (estimated ship date is December), and it is slightly over your price range ($200, includes headphones) but when it's released it should be the best MP3 player for swimming on the market and might be worth paying a little extra for.
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I have the Underwater Audio modified version of the iPod Shuffle, and you can use VoiceOver to navigate tracks if you want to (or multiple playlists), but of course the Shuffle has been discontinued.

I got the Syryn to start with, and had the same frustrations you have (also the especially annoying one of trying to adjust the volume and accidentally advancing to the next track and then having no way to get back to the middle of a long podcast episode.)

I've been very pleased with how they held up, and the Underwater Audio headphones are solidly reliable for me.
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