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I'm searching for a flared or A-line sweater dress with partial wool content. For under $200, which seems like a reasonable thing to ask, but where are they?

My hard requirements:
- Must have a flared or A-line skirt, not straight/pencil.
- Must be made from wool or wool-blend.
- Under $200; i.e. not this $400, poorly rated but otherwise beautiful sweaterdress that should give you an idea of what I love.
- Must come in a typical size US0; or US2 if the brand runs small. I'm sized out of Sundance.

Nice to haves:
- Not a turtleneck or cowlneck.
- Either sleeveless or 3/4 sleeves.
- Interesting print (think Anthro or Kate Spade).
- Petite sizing (I'm on the cusp).

I can't seem to find anything that fits my hard requirements, so I'm not kidding myself about the niceties. Help!
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This Uniqlo dress is more blend than wool, and is solid colors, but it meets your other requirements. I disagree with the reviewer who said it's generously-sized. It seems pretty spot on the measurements in their size chart to me.
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Have you looked at Boden?
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Talbots has a couple. And in Petite sizes!
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Check out Title Nine. I have a wool blend dress from there (similar to this one but slightly longer and a different print) from two years ago that I love. It's flattering and held up well and has been a good value.
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Check REI and the brands they sell on their individual sites or other outdoor clothing sites like Athleta or Backcountry. They have tons of sweater dresses in nice quality under $200 as its a very popular look, although more tunics than fit and flares. Brands like Horny Toad run small, I'd say you be good in an xs in most athleisure brands as they are designed for runners and the like.

Banana Republic also had some cute dresses in a similar style and they do run small.
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Ibex does prints with their wool dresses, although the shape might not be what you have in mind. They do not do petite sizing--there's no adjustment for torso length and the like--but their XS is pretty small and they don't generally cut with a lot of ease.
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If alpaca wool is on the table, The Peruvian Connection has some cute simple dresses under or around 200.
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This Boden dress with a print is close to the $200 but they currently have 25% off dresses on the US site. If you filter the dresses category by 'knitted' you'll find a few more wool/blend options.

I will say, take their care instructions seriously - I had a gorgeous wool dress from Boden and accidentally threw it in with my general wash, shrinking and felting the hell out of it. But the quality was good.
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Thanks for the pointers so far! I ordered two dresses from Boden, including the one that carbide linked to even though it doesn't have wool content because the print was just so pretty. I suspect the Boden dresses will be too long on me--I have a long enough torso for regular sizing but short legs at only 5'3"--but it's worth a try. Going to check out Title Nine, Ibex, and REI too.
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(Sorry about the wool content, I lost track searching and didn't notice it was cotton!)
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Re: Title Nine

Check out their tunics as well. I am also on the short side and find their tunics to be a nice, just above the knee length.
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Oops, I meant Toad and Co, not Horny Toad. Don't know that Horny Toad has dresses!
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This question is extremely relevant to my interests. I've found a decent number of wool or wool-blend A-line dresses at Sierra Trading Post, but it can be hit or miss since they're a discounter, and they don't have fabric or cut search filters.

Seconding REI, Toad & Co., and Ibex. A lot of the outdoor brands don't seem to change up their designs much from year to year, so if you like a style but can't find the size or color you want, try finding the brand on eBay and such.
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