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Can you please recommend an at least somewhat charming, very clean not very corporate hotel under $250 within easy walking distance (< 15 minutes) of Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Rd NW Washington DC. We could stay at the Marriott or Omni but prefer something less giant/chain. Difficulty: Not The Normandy (which October 2017 yelp says has bed bugs - do not wish to risk this) or Woodley Park Guest House (which is full the dates we need).
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All hotels are at risk for bedbugs it's a super common problem, and you should inspect any hotel room before bringing in your luggage. Don't discount a single instance in a review, I guarantee all of the hotels have issues within the last these months.
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Thank you, this is true, but just to head off more comments on this line: one of us just had terrible bedbugs from a hotel. We do not want to go to this place after seeing graphic photos of bedbug bites there and reading about the response of the hotel to it; we know anything is risky but this has made one of us not want to go here. Bedbug feelings just aren't statistical. I'd still like suggestions for hotels with the understanding that I do know all hotels are at risk for bedbugs.
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For clarity in your search, in case you aren't local to DC, although you are seeking to stay near the Metro stop that includes Adams Morgan in its name, the heart of Adams Morgan is traditionally considered to be 18th St NW, which is about a mile (20 minute walk) from the Marriott location. Limit your search to locations in Woodley Park if it is important to avoid staying further than you intend. I am under the impression that most of the hotels there are the larger corporate ones, but there are buckets of AirBnB options near Connecticut Ave between Calvert and Macomb.

That said, there are also some interesting boutique hotels in both Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan, if you can swing a long walk or a short car ride and proximity is less important. Friends had a nice time at Palomar years ago.
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Kalorama Guest House (one block away from Woodley Park Guest House)? I haven’t personally stayed, but it seems to fit the vibe you are looking for and gets good reviews.
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I stayed in the Kimpton Carlyle Hotel (Dupont Circle) two weeks ago. It may be worth looking into. I thought it was very clean and in a quieter section of town. Kimpton is part of the IHG brand of hotels, so it's still corporate, but it did have a smaller feel and was more intimate than some of the other options.
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I assume you're going for a conference. Note that if it's a big enough conference all the hotels in walking distance are likely to raise (or have already raised) their rates for those dates because of demand. That said, I can't really think of any hotels that fit all your criteria anyway. As juliplease pointed out, despite the name of the Metro stop the actual neighborhood of Adams Morgan is a mile away. Even if you're happy to walk the mile the new hotel that's supposed to have been open by now (the LINE, and they style it like that in all caps, ugh) has been delayed so you might not be able to book it for your dates anyway.

Kimpton was only recently acquired by IHG and I haven't yet heard of any reason to think it's gone downhill after the acquisition, so the Carlyle might indeed be a good choice. If you're willing to take the Metro instead of walking you'll have a lot more options (including a number of other Kimpton properties like the Palomar or Topaz).
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Check out Adam's Inn. I walk past it all the time. It's conveniently located for you, looks very nice from photos, and rooms are well under your budget.
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I have stayed at Adam's Inn, and I really liked it. It reminded me of a European hostel, but not the kind with bunks. The room I was in was pretty basic, but it had its own bath. I seem to recall not all rooms have baths en suite, so check that out. It had that comfortable shared kitchen aspect, and many of the guests were foreign visitors. Not loud. Breakfast was good. A+.
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I'm literally in bed in the kimpton carlyle right now. Very clean and I stay here every time I come to DC. Never a problem.
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