Find That Website: Round Umpteen [Graphic Design Edition]
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I'm looking for a site of graphic design critique that I first saw around 2014. It may have been a blog or a Tumblr. Details inside.

This site presented examples of design layouts and classified them according to type: for instance, mirror image, scatter, and one I really recall was something like "over under left right" though those words could have been in different orders. Many of the images were book covers. The site may have been British as the examples were often British. It had a hint of snark in that it was pointing out how derivative and formulaic a lot of contemporary design is. I know this is vague, but juuuust in case, asking the hivemind for help. Thanks!
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Best answer: Trend List
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Response by poster: OMG that's it. A thousand thanks. Hurrah!
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