Parking over the weekend in Somerville, MA?
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Looking for somewhere relatively inexpensive to park a rental car this weekend, from ~11pm Friday through 10am Monday, in Somerville, MA, ideally somewhere around Davis Square.

I understand that metered parking is only charged from 8am-8pm Mon-Sat, and I would be happy to pay for metered parking all day Saturday and a few hours Monday morning, if that would work as a solution. However, I have also read online that most or all of the metered parking has a 2 or 3 hour maximum, which won't work. I don't want to move the car more than once per day.

Can anyone who knows the area give me some insight into the parking situation? My understanding is that free on-street parking is nonexistent, so I'm fine paying up to $20 or maybe a bit more if it means I don't have to worry about a parking ticket during my visit. (Though obviously the cheaper the better.) I know there are many previous parking questions about the Camberville area but parking regulations change rapidly and the previous ones are several years out of date. Thanks for any advice.
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You could park at the Alewife T station, and take the subway 1 stop to Davis. That's going to cost you a bit more than $20, though.

Maybe somebody else has a better idea?
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You're not, by any chance, staying with a Somerville resident who has (or can obtain) a guest parking pass? (The parking office is right outside Davis and you can walk up and get a two-day pass for $20 - and two-day doesn't count Sunday, so it would work for the whole time.)

Alternately, I live about 3/4 mile from Davis and you could park in my driveway for the weekend for $20. Memail me if that sounds like a good option!
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I live in Cambridge, but you are welcome to my Cambridge Visitor Parking Pass. It would allow you to park on the street, and if you're close to the Cambridge-Somerville line, could be pretty convenient. No charge - MeMail me if you're interested.
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Take these good MeFites up on their offers of driveways/visitors pass--otherwise Alewife Station is your best bet at $7 or $8 a day.
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Alewife T is definitely your best solution if people here don't work out for whatever reason. The parking structure is literally part of the T station; you can't get lost. And the trip between Alewife and Davis can't be more than ten minutes. You'll be on the Red Line, which can also take you into downtown Boston, should you find you have some free time.
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