[superlative] Market?
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I remember from around the year 1999-ish, Washington DC had a food shop that sold prepared foods and baked goods, including probably the best brownies in the world. The name was "______ Market" where "______" is something I can't remember but something along the lines of awesome, miraculous, etc. Someone please help scratch my (memory) itch.
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Marvelous Market
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Response by poster: P.S. I think it was located around Dupont Circle.
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Response by poster: Thank you ArbitraryAndCapricious! That's it!

Now that I'm armed with the name, I'm sad that a search returned this.
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The owner went on to found (and then sell) Breadline, and he's got a new thing called Bread Furst. I don't know if it's good.
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Bread Furst is excellent. Try the canales. Baguettes are top notch as well.
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We used to call it "Marvelous Markup", but the tuna on olive bread sandwich was outstanding. Used to splurge on it for lunch at their short-lived Bethesda location c. 1996.

Breadline has declined markedly since Furst left - can confirm that Bread Furst, despite the stupid name, is good.
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