Treez 'n' Cheez?
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The co-op I work at is making a new VEGAN flavor of pizza. It's got broccoli, mushrooms, red onions and nutritional yeast based "cheese". Help, we need a cool name!
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Some places (like Two Boots in NYC) name pizzas after celebrities. So taking some vegan public figures ... The Bill Clinton? The Natalie Portman? The Joaquin Phoenix? The Carl Lewis? The Ellen Degeneres? The Morrissey?
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Does it taste similar to another style of non-vegan pizza? Like a Faux-something?
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Treez Bien!
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The Forager, because mushrooms in forests.
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Broc the Walk
The V Files
The Hippie (because it's vegetarian and has mushrooms)
Broc This Way

It might help if you posted a few other pizza names from your co-op, so we could get a sense of the style/theme.
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I mean, there's "vegetarian" pizza, right? I'd just stick with the simple descriptor.

Also I would take the broccoli off.
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Most of the other names are plain ol' descriptions, although we have some interesting ones like Popcorn Tofu pizza. We call the nutritional yeast "nootch" in the back of the house.
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it's the Brokk-O-Zoom (broccoli-onion-mushroom)
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Broccoli Red Onions Mushrooms Yeast

Broccoli Red Onions Mushrooms Nutritional Yeast

Piece of Peace Pizza
posted by St. Peepsburg at 1:09 PM on August 29

I'm your target population. "Vegan" or "Capital V" (a riff on the vegan symbol on food packaging). Lots of things are nearly vegan, but not quite, and it will be a relief to just have the assurance upfront.
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I think Treez 'n' Cheez is catchy as hell.
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I think Peace Pie is cute.
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My partner was at our local co-op yesterday, and ended up talking to a woman who was handing out samples of a new vegan donut the co-op will be carrying (Mighty-O, I think), and who told her she gave one to a male co-op customer earlier in the day, and mentioned as he ate it that it's vegan -- at which he spit it out into his hand! And this is in Seattle!

So the word 'vegan' might be carrying a negative charge in the minds of some people that I had no inkling of, anyway.

Harvest Pizza?
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We're in Austin so saying Vegan is okay for us. From the cooks conversation in the office that I'm eavesdropping on, they really want the non-cheese cheese to be a prominent part of the name.
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With your most recent update: I would call it Vegan Cheese Pizza -- people need to know that it is vegan (like some are saying above, sometimes it's not clear and it's always super great to know for sure) and it also mentions the vegan cheese, which the kitchen wants.
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Please don't conflate veganism and hippieism. Plenty of people avoid dairy & egg who don't shop for crystals or fringe. I would find being assumed to be a "hippie" because I ordered vegan pizza little uncomfortable. (That said, my first idea was "brocco-lovely", which is pretty much in this realm, so I completely understand the impulse).

How about "Vegan Veggie Cheese" as a flavor name? Simple, mentions the cheese, alliterative and assonant, rolls off the tongue.
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Nooch Pizza, or The Nooch.
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Adapting from SpecialSpaghettiBowl - I think that you've got the "Vegan Brok-o-shroom" ... sorry, but I like shroom in there better than zoom.
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I would call it Vegan Cheese Pizza...

If it doesn't actually contain cheese, this might be considered false advertising.
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Um, Treez 'n' Cheez is an amazing name and I want some of that. Vegan Cheese Pizza, no thank you.
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Maybe browsing some special 'zas from Vinnie's will inspire you.
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Another Nootch in the Broccopost

But seriously, Treez 'n' Cheez is awesome.
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As a nod to the original Moosewood cookbook, maybe "Enchanted Forest Pizza"?

But Treez & Cheez pretty much rocks.
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Noocha Lucha.

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XYZ Veeza, Veetza or Vizza, where XYZ refers to the topping combination of choice.
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Broc This Way

A vote for this one, I would totally order that.
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Treez & Yeezty Cheez

("The TYC" for short)
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No "treez-n-cheez" or similar names that evoke stoners mainlining Cheez Wiz straight from the can.
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sweet treezus
posted by sandwiches at 6:06 PM on August 29

Noocho Cheese?
posted by JoeZydeco at 6:32 PM on August 29

Good Nootch, Everyone!
posted by Buttons Bellbottom at 6:39 PM on August 29

All Plant Pizza

Vegan Pleasin' Cheese n Treez.
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Red Mushchoccoli is what I came up with...

But really, Treez 'n Cheez gets my vote, too.
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Would you like Freedom Fries with your Treason Cheese?
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They went with Vegan Cheez. Thanks for all the great suggestions!
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More update: latest final name is Cheezy Broccoli.
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